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SIA Compliant Course

Conflict Management

Who is the programme designed for?

The programme has been designed for anyone whose role takes them into (potential) conflict situations. It can be delivered as a stand alone course.

It also meets the SIA requirements for Security Guards and Door Supervisors. The package is appropriate for people who require a Conflict Management qualification as part of their SIA licence to practice.

What does the programme cover (8 modules)?

Recognising and Avoiding Conflict
Self Awareness
Customer Care
Reducing Conflict
High Risk Conflict
Problem Solving
Learning from Conflict
What are the benefits?

A cost effective programme giving delegates invaluable knowledge relating to the purpose and principles of Conflict management, helping delegates understand the risks involved with conflict and assess ways of dealing with those risks.


Standalone- 4 hours
Security Guards - 8 hours
Door Supervision - 16 hours

Method of Assessment

The programme is assessed by means of a multiple choice examination.
The examination has 35 multiple choice items and lasts for 60 minutes.
To pass, delegates must answer 28 questions correctly.
At least one question from each module must be answered correctly.


Please contact Barton Security for further information on where to take the training and, or examination.