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SIA Compliant Course

* Security Guards

Award / Qualification Level 2 - Certificate for Security Guards

Duration 28 hours


Under the Private Security Act 2001, anyone wishing to be employed as a Security Guard has to be in possession of a licence issued to them by the Security Industry Authority (SIA).This nationally recognised qualification is the industry standard and enables a Security Guard to apply for a licence to practice (blue badge).


One of the eligibility criteria for licence applicants is that they must hold a relevant and accredited qualification. This level 2 qualification is designed for those that want to work in the industry; and is awarded to those who pass all 3 modules

This qualification consists of two units:
Unit 1 – Working in the Private Security Industry
Unit 2 – Working as a Security Officer
Unit 3 – Conflict Management


Each unit is assessed by use of a multiple choice examination.
All units must be passed in order to apply for the SIA licence.


Please contact Barton Security for further information on where to take the training and, or examination.