Our systems can identify faces that are difficult to recognise within common video surveillance technology.
These situations include reading faces at an angle of up to 45 degrees to the left or right or 30 degrees up or down, with a 90% accuracy rate when detecting faces partially hidden by sunglasses or face masks.

They also have high accuracy reads in matching faces taken from up to ten-year-old passport images.

-Specific faces can be registered in advance to send an alarm when they are detected. The faces of repeat shoplifters and wanted criminals,etc. can be registered in the facial recognition security/surveillance system from data recorded in the past.
Information can also be shared between facial recognition systems by importing generic photo data in the JPEG format, etc. Alarms can notify the operator by displaying pop-ups on the screen, emitting warning sounds, or flashing the camera on the map, etc.

-Face images can be used to perform searches.

For example, face images of suspicious people detected on the sales floor can be searched to track information on a timeline, including what time they entered the store and which sales floor they passed. Whether suspicious people have shoplifted, etc. after entering the store can also be immediately searched for and checked by the facial recognition security/surveillance system.