Home Office research suggests that if a property is protected by an commercial intruder alarms system, 84% of potential intruders will be deterred from entering and will leave soon after hearing an audible alarm.

This signifies the importance of installing an intruder alarm system. Our specialist designers will recommend the most appropriate means of detection to ensure the system is both effective in detecting intruders and eliminating the potential of false alarms.

Barton Security Insight+ are experts in designing, installing and maintaining intruder alarms utilising the latest technology provided by leading manufacturers such as Honeywell Galaxy and Pyronix.

All the intruder alarm systems we supply can be integrated to incorporate other security systems such as CCTV systems and access control. These combine to provide extra layers of security for your property.

All the systems we install meet current European and British Standards and Barton Security holds all the relevant accreditations.