Barton Security operates a fleet of vehicles which are marked with our corporate logo. They are permanently on call to provide the highest level of Mobile Security.

The personnel who operate our vehicles are chosen for their aptitude, professionalism and ability to work (and solve problems) on their own.


Mobile Patrols

The principal responsibility of Barton Security's security guards on Mobile Patrol is to make 'scheduled visits’ to inspect the customer’s property and to ensure that it is secured as far as he/she can reasonably do so.

Scheduled Patrols

Pre-arranged, timed, random visits to the customer's premises by Barton Security's Mobile Patrol Units.

Open or Lock-Up

Scheduled opening or closing of the customer's premises by Barton Security's Mobile Patrol Units.


Barton Security will hold the keys to a customer’s premises, property or equipment and, where contracted to do so, attend those premises in response to an 'event’ (an incident requiring entry to a customer’s premises or assistance to a customer).

Alarm Response

Barton Security's Mobile Response Unit will respond to alarm activation, system or line fault at the customer's premises or property. All our Response Officers are trained to defuse potential conflict situations or take the appropriate last resort actions. Staff safety is a priority of Barton Security.

Vacant Property Inspections

Are you aware that your vacant property might not be insured? Barton Security's Mobile Services can help by conducting our VACANT PROPERTY INSURANCE INSPECTIONS. Call now and be safe.